Checking For Animal Ingredients

When first becoming vegan, it can be difficult to tell which products are vegan and which ones are not. This is a 3-step guide on how to tell if something is safe to eat. Please note that this considers sugar to be a vegan ingredient.

1. Read the Allergens list

If the product contains milk, eggs, fish or other common allergens, it will usually state this in bold font underneath the ingredients list. Items that “may contain” animal ingredients have usually just been processed in a facility that contains them and are still suitable for consumption by vegans.

2. Read the Ingredients

Read the full ingredients of the product and look for anything that may not be vegan. Some non-vegan ingredients that are sometimes overlooked include honey beeswax, gelatin, bone char, rennet, confectioner’s glaze, shellac and Red #4.

3. Check the Cholesterol

Food that contains no animal ingredients should also contain no cholesterol. If it contains cholesterol, don’t eat it.